Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Davin's infamous fall in the water

Leave it to Davin! Wherever we go, Davin always seems to fall in the water. Whether it is a home, vacation or any type of body of water he will always fall in.


The next day we went fishing again. We found this huge tree/log that the kids were able to jump off of into the water and play around. Timeri enjoyed playing with the worms while Slater happened to catch the biggest fish for the day. He started to cry when Erin was holding it, I think he was slightly afraid of it. After realizing it wouldn't hurt him, he named it Ratatouille and walked around with it dragging it through the water. All the kids ended up doing this. One thing that I am proud of, is how well they all got along throughout our various adventures. They all got along and played together and looked out for each other wherever we went. It made vacation all the more enjoyable.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shooting BB guns

Erin brought BB guns for the kids to shoot. The boys especially loved doing this. They actually found a red fishing bobber hanging in a near by tree and it was instantly the target they were all aiming for.

Twin Lakes

We safely arrived to our destination... Aspen Lodge. We quickly unpacked and headed down to the lake. Let the fishing begin! We were all excited to go to the lake and be at our home away form home. It was slightly hazy the first day due to a fire in Yosemite.

Our Adventure Begins

Well our adventure began with stuffing the kids into the car in between all of our luggage, food and toys. When we stopped for potty breaks, it was entertaining getting them back into their seats and finding the seat belt to lock without everything else falling over on top of them. The kids were good for their 7 hour drive. They were entertained by books, movies, finding different objects in the clouds and watching the beautiful mountains we were driving past.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sierra's here we come !

Today is a departing day to our long anticipated vacation. Twin Lakes here we come. Twin Lakes is located in Bridgeport, CA. nestled in the high Sierras. It is our little slice of heaven that we look forward to so much every year. The last few days have been very busy for Erin and I. Planning, preparing and packing every possible thing that we would need for the next 17 days. Buying enough food for all 6 of us for the next 17 days was interesting. It will be more intersting strategically putting it in the car along with all of our luggage, toys and sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. I pray that God watches over our family. Also, that we have a safe, injury free and enjoyable blessed time together.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last Day of Camp

Erin, Timeri, Slater and I headed down to Vista to pick the boys up from camp at 7:45 a.m.. As we got closer, I was getting anxious to see them. We saw Caden first. He ran right over to us and hugged us. Slater started shooting him with his new Nerf gun and Timeri was adamant about him seeing where she had lost a tooth. I kept looking for Davin. Then suddenly, there he was walking in. He smiled from ear to ear, and ran over to us and started hugging us. It was a wonderful heart felt moment having us all together again and seeing how the kids were so happy to see each other as well. The kids were telling us all the great things they did during the week. Swimming, water balloon fights, b.b. guns, archery, hiking, crafts, various competitions, fishing, soccer, panning for gold, petting zoo, skits, bon fires, pillow fights, more fun and games and the final night they hiked up to the cross on the hill. They had a blast! All the kids sang songs and did little skits at the closing of the camp. Caden was called up on stage to share his new found talent of having double jointed fingers. We went to their cabins and packed all their belongings. They said their goodbye's to their new friends and we were headed home.

Here is a video that the camp made...Enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Station #2

After leaving Grammie and Papa's I took Timeri and Slater to see daddy at the station. Slater LOVES going to the station. They both love seeing their daddy in his uniform and at the station but the especially love opening and closing every possible door on the truck. I am sure the crew is delighted to see all the fingerprints all over the firetruck.. During our visit Erin had a call. A car fire. Slater started crying as Erin put his turn outs on. He said he was going to call the police to come shoot the fire to help daddy. We love you babe! You are our HERO !!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep over at Grammie's

Timeri, Slater and I went to Grammie and Papa's to have a sleep over. Caden and Davin were at their camp, so we were in for a treat. It was a very relaxing time. The kids loved seeing their Grammie and Papa. We took the kids to the Newport Dunes while Doug cleaned up his boat after his fishing trip. Grammie had bought Timeri a new baby in lieu of the tooth fairy. Timeri loves her new baby. It is the best baby doll I have ever seen. It cried, coos, snores giggles and eats. Slater loved acting like a gorilla in the tree he found. It was a great day and the kids had a fabulous time!

Update on the boys camp

Here are the boys at their church camp. Caden and Davin are both on the bottom row of the group picture below. Caden is 2nd in from the left on the right hand side and Davin is 6 boys over to the "right" of Caden. I keep receiving updated info on the boys and hear they are having a great time with smiles from ear to ear. Saturday is almost here time to pick them up. I miss their pretty green eyes and warm hugs! We are looking forward to hearing about how much fun they had.

Timeri's tooth

It all began a few years ago, when Timeri stood in the stroller and faced me and the weight of her standing made the stroller flip over. She chipped her tooth. Last summer, I noticed this white pimple/canker sore looking thing on her gum. I could pop it and it would return the following month. I kept thinking it was a canker sore. My girlfriend Gretchen, who was a dental hygienist informed me it was an abscess. I was shocked. We went to the dentist and received antibiotics. I thought it had improved. Over the past week she started complaining about it. And noticed the swelling above her tooth. The infection had returned and was hurting her this time. I took her back to the dentist... this is now 6 months past her original visit and about 2 years after the original fall.

It was time to pull her tooth. She was thoroughly excited to have it done. She couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to visit her.Here she is smelling her strawberry nose. And after the procedure. She was all smiles. She did GREAT ! While we were there Slater got his teeth cleaned as well.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Green Oak Ranch Christain Camp

Today was the boys big day to start their first overnight camp. They were really excited about going. We drove them down to Green Oak Ranch Camp which is located in Vista, Ca. Walking through the 20 acre facility we realized how nice it was. It was beautiful. They even had their own petting zoo. There was one all white peacock that was making a lot of noise. Caden asked how am I going to got to sleep with that noise. The kids played on a playset and swung in this huge tire they had. Erin swung them very high. They were all screaming "Not any higher Dad!" They were also excited about the lake that they would be able to fish in. Caden and Davin were assigned to different cottages. There is a 125 kids at the camp ranging from 1st thru 5th grade. They have 3 camp counselors per room. Davin is with 2nd graders and Caden is with 3rd graders. Their cottages are right next door to each other. They both chose a top bunk. They were planning on having dinner and then a bonfire with worship music. I was a little sad to leave, but was reassured that when we showed up to pick them up, they wouldn't want to go home with us. LOL !

Father's Day

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Today is Father's Day! We all love Erin so much. We all appreciate everything he does for our family. He is such a great dad and a truly wonderful husband. I made these t-shirts for the kids and I. He came home from work and we were all wearing them. We wore them to church, and continued to wear them the rest of the day. Whenever someone realized what we were wearing, I think they realized how special we thought he was. He ROCKS ! I love you babe !! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Caden's dentist appointment


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What a day we had at the dentist! Caden had a filling that fell out. I knew we were pressed for time to get it fixed before he went to camp and then us leaving for our 3 week vacation. I could sense if we didn't get it fixed we would be up in the Sierra's with him screaming form tooth pain. So the dentist squeezed him in. Caden hates the dentist. Well, after today, I would say that he still has not found any nice thoughts about the dentist. They were attempting to fix the filling, but noticed some of his tooth broke off over the past few days. They decided to pull it. After getting a little gas and having all his other cavities fixed they called me into the room. The other 3 kids waited patiently in the waiting room. Caden looked at me with a look of terror. He wanted me with him when they removed the tooth. He squeezed my hand and the dentist twisted and pulled his tooth with pliers. Caden was not happy. Thank goodness he was unable to feel anything. The tooth popped out and I think my eyes practically popped out looking at the size of the tooth. OUCH! Caden was a trooper. He came home and wanted to go outside and ride his scooter.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slater Kenivel

Slater is at it again. He is now beginning to jump the ramps. I held my breath as he did it. Remarkably, he has some incredible talent. He is always talking about riding a dirt bike and jumping a big jump and doing a back flip on it. This may be his hearts desire, however we don't have dirt bikes. He continually asks Erin and I for a dirt bike. When he sees my dad he asks him for one. He even asks my brother Rich one. The cutest thing he said was after he jumped "Yea, that was awesome!"