Friday, January 30, 2009

Caden student of the month

We were so proud of Caden to receive outstanding student of the month.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Happy I Turned 40 !

Jillian !! She is sneaky. The plan was to get together and go to lunch and go to a movie and possibly have enough time to get a pedicure. Well, the doorbell rang, and when I looked through the peek hole... I saw her in her bathrobe. I opened the door and my other girlfriend Amanda jumped out of the bushes and said SURPRISE I asked Amanda what she was doing there, she was supposed to be in Hawaii. She had just landed at the airport at 1am that morning (what a trooper Amanda). They told me to put on this mu-mu looking thing and said grab your bathing suit. I was excited because I knew we were on an adventure. I got to the car and it was completely decorated inside. They took me to Glen Ivy for the day. When we got there, they handed me a card, it was signed by Kathy, Kimmie, Tiffany, Jillian and Amanda. Thank you to all my great friends that contributed to my day at the spa... I was able to do everything and then some. THANK YOU to ALL !! We had a great time in the mud baths. I don't think I ever laughed so hard. Amanda just kept encouraging me to smear it every where... so I did... you only live once right? You only turn 40 once. Then we all did cannon balls to some sort in the pool. Good thing it was rather empty there. Upon entering they have posted to keep area relaxing and serene. Well... all I can say is we had a GREAT time ! We went into the sauna, where I literally think it was 400 degrees. We also went into the grotto, where we were painted simultaneously with a aloe kelp paste. We just giggled and giggled. The day ended with 180 minute massage. Upon exiting, they said they could page my girlfriends. My brain was in such a jello mode... I was unable to think of their names. I found them in the locker room getting dressed. They handed me a hair dryer and make up and said "get ready"! Jillian said we were headed to Pechanga, we headed back into Temecula and we ended up in a restaurant called Sho-gun, where a few of my girlfriends were waiting for me. I cried. It was hard for me to accept everything because I would rather give to people than receive. Jillian, how I have been blessed with such an incredible best friend ! She really did a lot and went above and beyond. She had even made candy bars made with my name on it and had a cake made that said "So Happy I Turned 40". I am so grateful for Jillian and Amanda, and all my friends that made my birthday so meaningful for me!! I love you all !!
(More pictures to come once I get them from Amanda)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Lemming


This was Davin's first oral report. It was on the Lemming. He did such a good job. I am proud of my little guy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Victoria's bouquet


My most beautiful genuine friend surprised me today and sent this beautiful bouquet of flowers to me. I love gerber daisies !! I walked in the house from volunteering at the kids school, and I looked at Erin and said "Awww..." He said, "They aren't from me" I LOVE YOU VICTORIA !! Thank you so much. The card that she sent with the flowers said "from Jack (her baby son) with wet and slobbery kisses" Victoria had moved to Maryland last June... and I miss her dearly. This was defiantly a surprise and she blessed me with joy in my heart. It brightened my day ! The flowers were beautiful !! Thanks you and making me feel so loved on this day !!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Caden in my Dad's tree


We went to my Dad's house to visit him. As I was talking with my dad in the house I heard Caden yelling from the fornt yard. Low in behold I found him stuck in the top of the tree in my Dad's front yard.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Timeri and Slater at the park

This was just a day that I took Timeri and Slater to the park. We played tag, side walk chalk and slid the slides. Oops almost forgot.... the infamous "Underdog" on the swings. We always have fun together at the park.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chanel playing dress up

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Timeri loves her doggie ! I came down stairs and she had dressed Chanel up. Chanel just sat there with all her new jewelry and crown on. It was pretty funny. Chanel is defiantly a part of our family and she joins right in with the younger two. I think sometimes Chanel thinks she is a toddler with them. Davin said she had "Bling".

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake


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My little strawberry shortcake. It was crazy hair day at Caden and Davin's school. Caden had brought home some color hair spray. And Timeri wanted her hair pink. She loved doing this. I think she liked all the attention. Timeri is such a sweet lil pea I think she even smelled sweet with her new hair.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Big Sleep Over

Well I went for it and told the boys they could have two of their friends spend the night. Six kids ! YIKES !! It was fun and the boys had a blast. I know they appreciated the time that they had with their friends Samuel and Isaac. As for the neighbors appreciating the kids jumping on the trampoline at 8:30 at night.... I am not sure. It was fun... a little on the wild side.