Tuesday, December 25, 2007


CHRISTMAS !!! Our favorite time of the year. Thh kids were so excited ! Erin, got an early relief and was able to make it home in time before the kids woke up. My dad had spent the night at our house the night before.
Slater loving the puppy that Grammie Ginger had given him the day before.
Caden and Davin, happy lil campers.
Erin and Timeri coming in to see what Santa had delivered.

After, our lil' family finished the complete caios of opening presents... then the rest of my family came to visit for Christmas. It was a little uncomfortable. This was the first Christmas without our mom. This was my mom's favorite time of year. We celebrated Christmas the way my mom always did... by getting a birthday cake and singing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus. Jesus is the reason for the season. We I definatley felt a void. It was actually is the 1 year anniversary of her passing... her celebration into heaven. I love you mom, and miss you so much. I look forward to seeing you again in heaven. Here is a picture of my dad and all his grandkids. Merry Christmas Paka !!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas at Alicia's

For Christmas Eve, Erin was working, and we went to Orange County. First we stopped at Grammie Ginger's to visit with Caitlin and Colin. The kids absolutely love Caitlin. Whenever, she is visiting we try to make a trip to see her. After visiting, we went to Alicia's for the annaul Christmas Eve present extravaganza. The kids were very inquisitive of who Santa was. It was pretty funny when Caden and Davin noticed Santas thumb... it looked a lot like Doug's...hahaha. Slater was really funny when Santa went into the back room to change. Slater was trying to peek under the door. Caden and Davin were really excited to open their big present from Grammie and Papa...a Wii ! Chloe on the other hand was rather upset. The kids had a great time and have so much to be thankful for. The night ended and the kids and I we were off, on our way to church. I can only pray that somehow going to church on Christmas Eve will become easier. I want our kids to know and believe that Christmas is about our Savior's birth. What an awesome celebration it is !