Friday, July 10, 2009


Our day in Yosemite started with a picnic on a rock right next to the river. Erin and I dream of having a house on a river one day.

We ventured down further into the Yosemite basin. The scenery was breath taking. Yosemite is a truly beautiful place. We found a secluded place to fish. This is where our vacation became a little scary. Erin found a great place to fish. He was standing in the middle of the river, which had a strong current. The kids walked out to be next to him and before we knew it, Slater was whisked away down stream screaming and crying. Caden and Erin jumped in after him. Thankfully he was safe. We stayed a little longer, until Erin was able to catch a fish.

We then continued to explore different areas of Yosemite. The kids were amazed at huge waterfalls. We hiked a little further along a river where Erin and the kids decided to jump in to get over to a rock in the middle. (videos to come...still downloading)