Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moat Lake

Erin was quite impressed with the kids the day before hiking to Walker Lake, so he asked if they would be up for our steepest hike... Moat Lake. He was determined to find a lake that had golden trout that he could catch. Golden's are only found at the higher elevation lakes. The lake would be the highest in elevation that we have ever hiked to. Above 10,000 feet. We all love him so much, that we all would make the sacrifice for him to catch a golden. The kids were up for it. I knew they could do it, it was me being pregnant that would slow them down. I knew I could make it, I just would have to take breaks. Well our venture started and we hiked up the narrow switch back path. Virginia Lakes that we passed kept getting smaller and smaller as we continued the incline to Moat Lake. I would occasionally stop to catch my breath with Slater. Erin impressed me the most. He was carrying all the bags of beach towels, blankets, change of clothes for everyone, jackets, lunch and all the fishing equipment. He is my hero. We finally made it to the lake. It was absolutely beautiful. We were so high up in the mountains, the snow was still there. The kids had a blast. We stayed there all day and finally headed back at the dusk.

On our way out we stopped at Blue Lake to try our luck. The kids were still full of energy after a long day of hiking. The olds boys gave the younger ones piggy back rides on their backs. Another GREAT day ! The kids were awesome. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

Here is the highlight of the day...