Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walker Lake

We started the next day headed towards the lakes located in the June Lake Loop. It was very windy this day. Wherever we looked it was blown out and cold. We ventured on to a hidden lake off a dirt road called Walker Lake. After driving our once black car, now a dust covered pit over bumps and through narrow twisty roads we finally arrived. We had a slight walk to the peak of a hill and then... we had an 850 foot steep hike down to get to the lake. The kids remarkably ran down the bumpy steep terrain. The hike down was fairly easy, but in the back of my mind I knew at the end of the day the hike out would be a little more challenging. It ended up being a beautiful lake. Erin and I both explored the edge of the lake a little, and quickly turned back, due to the eeriness of the unknown forest... looked a lot like bear country to us. We caught a handful of fish, but were mostly entertained by the two bald eagles we watched soaring through the skies. The day came to an end and we headed up the mountain. We were able to make it up in 45 minutes, to be rewarded with guzzling Gatorade.